Software & App Integration

  • Navigation
  • Route Planning
  • Live data
  • Diagnostics & Reporting

  • Real Time Alerts
  • Engine operational information
  • Battery Monitoring
  • Security

  • Unauthorised vessel movements
  • Water ingress
  • Alarm and intruder alerts
  • About us

    Our People

    By Boaters, For Boaters

    The Boat-Hawk system has been developed by two boaters who recognized the need to view the status of their vessel whether on board, or from the comfort of their home, and they set about creating a product to cater to this need. Everything has been designed with practical boating in mind, thanks to the insights brought by the founders and the expertise of the design team. A partnership with River Canal Rescue has developed due to shared values and visions and has brought WaterNav mapping software into our offering. With this collaborative partnership we intend to push the limits of what can be achieved and bring truly revolutionary technologies to the marine market.

    Our Vision

    Trouble Free Boating

    Boat-Hawk’s future is all about making boats smarter. We want the boat owner to be in control at all times and given more information than ever before. We intend to be key drivers in the technological development of the marine industry and the entire Boat-Hawk team is dedicated to achieving our shared vision of a safer, less stressful, and more supported boating experience.

    Our Values

    Promoting Greater Participation

    At Boat-Hawk we value the boating community, the peaceful nature of boating, and the safety and security of boats and waterways users. We aim to produce products that work with and enhance these key areas of our industry and promote it to an ever-expanding generation of new boaters. We also value creativity and excellence and we will continuously endeavor to create the most comprehensive and value packed packages available to boaters globally, starting right here at home in the UK.



    No Corners Cut

    We have worked meticulously to ensure our product can take the worst that the marine environment can throw at it, and it has undergone rigorous testing for the last two years to perfect its capabilities. Our product manages low signal better than anything else out there, copes with working for extended periods in damp spaces, can handle continuous and extreme temperature fluctuations, can be installed anywhere to ensure space is never an issue, and is massively scalable up to more than 150 sensors. We are confident that you won’t find anything better for a marine application anywhere in the world.


    More Content, More Regularly

    Working with River Canal Rescue’s WaterNav team has allowed us to provide a plethora of additional functionality. With dedicated waterways mapping software and customer app you can now utilize the information brought to you by Boat-Hawk more effectively and in more ways. Plan trips, navigate safely to your destination, find local amenities, and keep an eye on your boat through the app, and why not share with friends and family so they can keep an eye on you too. We have managed to bring all the most vital information into one place so that you can relax and enjoy the cruise.


    Anywhere, Anytime

    Boat-Hawk recognized that the piece of mind of knowing your vessel was safe was a priceless commodity and set about creating the most ideal system to cater to this. Not only can you check on your boat's status whenever you like, but the vessel will alert you of any changes as they occur, thanks to our text alert system. Has the boat moved off its mooring? Is it taking on water? and do the batteries need a charge? Boat-Hawk will alert you to this and much more, so you can rest assured that the boat will let you know if and when it needs attention.


    Brian had our system installed over a year ago. Listen to his appraisal of it below

    How to Buy

    Service fee

    Cancel Anytime, But Why Would You?

    There is a small monthly data fee which must be paid for the unit to operate. This pays for data costs, upkeep and access to the apps and maps.


    Professional Fitting Service

    The basic package is simple to install, but should be installed by a qualified marine engineer to cover our Public and Product liability insurance terms. A fitting service is available through Canal Contracting for £200 if you prefer a professional fitting service.


    Sometimes Simpler is Better

    The basic product can be purchased outright at a fixed cost from £235. Any additional sensors or modules will incur an additional cost. There is a small monthly data fee which must be paid for the unit to operate. This pays for data costs, upkeep and access to the apps and maps.

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